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Ren has been building client trust and rapport with Lawyers Title since she joined the Fort Worth team in June 2017. Ren is a hard-working people person with a servant’s heart, and she thrives on helping others. She knows that one of the best ways to succeed these days is to utilize the right tools and technology. With her iPhone in hand and the right apps, Ren stays on the cutting edge of service to all her clients.

People do business with who they know, like and trust. I’m very relational and genuinely care about others’ success.

Ren was born in Brazil to missionary parents and is the proud mama to a very lovable St. Bernard named Harley. Full of energy and loving life, she brings her positive attitude to her work in the title industry, and to her personal passion, nutrition and healthy living. She also enjoys acting, playing the piano, and singing. Whether she’s hanging out with her friends and watching movies or showing an agent how to use a new listings app, she is the epitome of a glass half-full optimist—just don’t mess with her food.


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